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Dear Friends,

On December 14th 2021 I will mark or observe or celebrate or bemoan 50 years of being here, or as the roman numeral enthusiasts would put it:

the Big L

or as my lovely mum said:

Thirty-Nineteen and Three-Quarters, and a Quarter.

Being a considerate and temperate fellow, I wouldn’t ask anyone to go bawlz-oot crazy on a Tuesday night so instead, I warmly and openly invite any, all and sundry to a nice low-steaks, super-chill, super-casual picnic in Centennial Park’s “Frog Hollow Picnic Site” the following Saturday the 18th December from 11am.

This way you’ll be able to draw out of me what it’s really like to have been 50 years old for like 4 whole days – oh the wisdom I will surely drop!

Frog what now?

Frog Hollow Picnic Site is kind of like the “left armpit” of the park, being just across the road from the main Centennial Homestead thing where the cafe and toilets etc are- it’s here on the map here:

But What Do I Need To Bring?

Being super-cazge and what with all the La Niña and looming threat or Omicron going on right now, we’re not making firm plans – but:


  • Bring something to sit on – there will be grass but you might want a picnic rug or a folder chair-set
  • Bring something to throw on the BBQ. Yes there are BBQs provided by the good folks at Centennial Parklands.
  • Bring something to drink
  • Bring your kids
  • Bring your beasties
  • Bring your parents
  • Bring something for your kids, pets and parents to do – listening to my stories of how it used to be in The Beforetimes (©2021) might not cut it for everyone, so bring “petanque” or “boooool” or quoits or badminton or bouncy castle* or whatever amusement will divert your dependents
  • *Maybe don’t bring a bouncy castle
  • There will also be shade courtesy of Centennial Parklands’ many free-to-enjoy trees – but extra shade might be helpful if it looks like a scorcher
  • Don’t bring THAT sort of shade – we’re here for the good vibes yah?

But What Don’t I Need To Bring?

Being super-cazge there’s no need for gifties or regal tributes, all I really want is to see folks that are dear to me, hug them and have good chats.


More To Come

As more details avail themselves I will add them here.


It looks like its going to be hot as ballz so you may wish to dress accordingly and bring plenty of the kind of fluids that keep you from dehydrating as well as the buzz liquids of your choice.

And sun hats, sunscreens and hacked fire hydrants.

Also, we now know super not to bring bouncy castles…

Keep it real,