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PS4 Pro – only 2K will be displayed because of your TV settings – what?

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Happily setting up my PS4 Pro for the first time with my 55″ Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV I ran into a few unexpected problems to I thought I’d share the solutions.

Rummaging through the PS4 Pro settings I noticed that the PS4 pro was only outputting its HDR at 2K:

Only 2k Supported PS4 pro

Only 2K Supported – whaaat? I’ve got a 4k TV so what gives?

This is not what I’d signed or paid up for :-(

Turns out the Bravia doesn’t push 4K HDR by default so here is how we address that:

TV Settings > External inputs > HDMI signal format > HDMI 1 (or wherever PS4 pro is plugged into) > Enhanced format

4k HDR Output on Sony Bravia

Set your TVs Signal Format to push 4K HDR

Once that’s done and your TV has rebooted you should be all good:

ps4 pro 2k/4k Supported

Hurrah – 4K HDR on the PS4 Pro

Its also worth noting that setting your TVs Picture Mode to “Game” is probably a good idea too.

Thanks to Sony Centre there’s also a video showing how to hop through these steps:



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